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PYI's Breath Coaching Course

Informs and trains professionals in specific breathing, mindfulness, and yoga techniques to support prevention and management of COVID19 and related pulmonary issues*.

Informed by cutting edge clinical knowledge from nurses and doctors on the frontline of COVID-19 care and response, this course prepares wellness and health care professionals to teach breathing techniques and resting postures for better breathing.

In this course you will learn:

  • Evidence-informed breath techniques to support COVID-19 prevention and recovery*
  • An introduction to the anatomy and physiology of breathing
  • Self-proning and its importance in recovery from a pulmonary condition - taught by an ICU nurse and yoga teacher
  • The effects of COVID-19 on the lungs, heart, and inflammatory response - as taught by a New York City Immunologist
  • How to empower a client to listen to what breath technique is right for them at their stage of prevention or recovery
  • Heart Rate Variability ("HRV") and its importance for mental and physical health - as taught by a somatic psychologist
  • Useful stretching and asana positions to encourage breath capacity
  • Why nose breathing is critical to our health
  • How to take advantage of nitric oxide ("NO") - a naturally occurring anti-viral gas - which has been shown to increase in the nasal passages after certain breath techniques
  • The limited scope and parameters of empowering breath coaching
  • And More




Level 1: Breath Coaching Course

This Course Includes:

4 in-depth didactic classes with our faculty of doctors, nurses, and yoga therapists

10 practice sessions of the PYI Level One Breath Coaching Techniques

The PYI Breath Coaching Course Manual One (a $39 value)

Weekly quizzes to keep you on track

Lifetime access to our classes, faculty presentations & curated library 

A sample Intake & Liability Form to use

2 sample Breath Coach session sequences

Certificate of Completion

Requirements for a Certificate of Completion:  

Completion of all classes

Completion of all homework

Complete 2 hours practicing breath techniques

Final Quiz (must pass with a 75% or higher and you have 2 chances to take it.)

*Requires a signed agreement to  Breath Coach Scope of Care and Ethical Guidelines

Enroll Now $178

Mentored Breath Coaching Certification

In Addition to the Level 1 Materials, This Course Includes:

Direct email access with your mentor for one-on-one questions, feedback and encouragement

Mentored Review and Feedback of your 15 minute practice teaching video

Use of our PYI Breath Coach Seal, for those who graduate

Additional Requirements for Breath Coach Certification:

Score 75% or higher on submitted practical video teaching the covered techniques (reviewed by Mentor)

Additional practice teaching, assigned by faculty

Additional $108 Tuition Upon Enrollment in BCC Course



PYI Breath Coaching Course Manual (included) 

The Anatomy Coloring Book by Wynn Kapit / Lawrence M. Elson, 4th Edition


Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff, Chapter 1, “Dynamics of Breathing”

Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor


Prema Yoga Institute has given me the skills to confidently pursue the career of my dreams! As a result of this program and the excellence of its teachers, I am able to work with clients with diverse, challenging needs and see them improve."

"The Breath Coaching Course has provided me with invaluable learning and given me access to a wealth of experience from immunologists, yoga therapists and nervous system experts. I have found that the skills transferred into my work with the immunocompromised, elderly and those affected by respiratory illnesses."

— Jillian Guinta, C-IAYT / MAE
Yoga Therapist
Prema Program Graduate, 2019
"Since I've been diagnosed with one of the "long haul" conditions COVID-19,  I have found all of the PYI breath coaching techniques to be helpful for me. The Bee breath is most helpful -  It helps my focus, and the vibration wakes up my body.  After I aced a treadmill stress-test using victorious breath (ujjayi), I asked my cardiologist if she felt the breathwork made a difference. She said it wouldn't cure my illness, but if it makes me more comfortable, it can help me manage my recovery."
— Corrine, 61

“I’m so grateful for PYI’s Breath Coaching Course. I have used these practices within my professional work in mental health and have had wonderful results with veterans in managing covid-related stress.  Thank you for the tools. It enriched me both personally and professionally and for that I am grateful.”

- Paola Ricardo, Student



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