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with Jon Witt 



Prema Yoga Therapeutics Essentials

PYI's Signature 100-Hour Teacher Training - now live online

- Our most comprehensive 100-hour therapeutic yoga course

Part of PYI's 300 hour Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training Certificate

with Jon Witt, Dana Slamp, Dr. Loren Fishman and our yoga therapy faculty (see bios below)

Explore how a yoga practice can significantly support health and wellness. Learn the science and physiology behind the "down-regulating" aspects of yoga: Restorative yoga, asana for all bodies, meditation, slow flow, meditation, and pranayama. "Scan" the body to improve symmetry and manage pain, to alter postures when in recovery, and to practice mindfully as you age.

Modify your practice and teaching mindfully in chair yoga, at the wall, and with props. Learn ancient, evidence-informed techniques to reduce anxiety and depression, as well as how to adjust teaching and practice when an injury or disease is present. 
Prema Yoga Therapeutics Essentials prepares you to teach effectively for all bodies - and to support your clients' health and wellness with intelligent and accessible therapeutic yoga.
An essential course for yoga teachers, therapists, and yoga enthusiasts alike!

Location: Online

Dates/Times: Feb 3rd - 28th 2021

Wednesdays:  6-8:30p
Fridays: 6-8p
Saturdays: 9:30a-4p
Sundays: 11a - 5p & 6 - 7p Restore Class (or take anytime)

In This Course You will Learn:

  • Yoga for All Bodies:

    • Review anatomy, detailing how to prevent injuries in yoga and support injury recovery.
    • Create accessible classes for Back Care, Older Populations, and Beginners.
    • Adjust one-on-one yoga for back care, joint health, and proper alignment.
    • How to make yoga accessible with chair yoga and sequences at the wall.
    • Adapt the practice for osteoporosis, scoliosis, arthritis, common injuries, the effects of aging, and more.

    Pranayama, Philosophy, Meditations:

    • The science of breathing.
    • The path of health and wellness in the Yoga Sutras.
    • Modifying the practice when anxiety, depression, and mixed anxiety/depression may be present
    • Meditations for balance and wellness
    • How to integrate meditation into your Slow Flow and Restorative classes effectively

    Restorative Yoga Essentials:

    •  The science behind down-regulating yoga
    • "High prop" and "low prop options to practice restorative anywhere
    •  Acupressure points for massage and energetic flow.
    •  Building a successful restorative class that's modified for the seasons and for your clients' needs

    Slow Flow Essentials:

    • The neurological argument for slow flow and restorative yoga
    • Desikachar-inspired sequences to move the lymph and support immunity
    • Normalizing props to make vinyasa accessible to all bodies
    • The physiological basis behind warm-ups
    • Sequencing for ease and sustainability.
      • How to create a calm and meditative flow.
      • How to build heat within a limited range of motion.
      •  Sequencing for the Seasons

    Introduction to Ayurveda and One-on-One Yoga

    • How to use the doshas (body/personality types) diagnostically in practice and teaching.
    • How to use the doshas (body/personality types) diagnostically in practice and teaching.
    • Adjusting the yoga practice for time of year, time of day, and time of life.
    • Bringing your practice off the mat in a practical, holistic way.
    • Using intake to personalize the yoga practice for your clients

Successful Completion of Course Equals the Following:

  • 100 hours towards Yoga Alliance 300 hour Yoga Teacher Certificate 

May earn concurrently:

  • 100 hours towards PYI's IAYT-accredited 850-hour Yoga Therapy Certificate Program (additional prerequisites apply) - please email [email protected] for an application


New Students: $1,395.00

PYI Grads + Members: $1,295.00


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Meet Our Expert Faculty


Dana began teaching yoga in 2005, offering vinyasa classes known for their spirit, strength, and safety across New York City.  She joined the senior staff at Pure Yoga in 2008, expanding her teaching to therapeutic classes, as well as teaching in Pure's renowned 200 hour Teacher Training and Professional Mentorship Program.

Despite her love of classes, Dana saw the great need for one-on-one, specialized therapeutic teaching in the tradition of "yoga chikitsa" - "yoga medicine."  In 2010, she served as Managing Teacher at Pure West, and eventually cocreated the 300 hr advanced teacher training program at Yoga Vida.  Dana completed over 1100 hours of yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, and yoga therapy training with Guru Dharam, Dana Flynn, Dr. Marc Halpern and Yogi Charu - becoming one of the first certified yoga therapists in the US.

In 2012, Dana founded Prema Yoga Institute, New York's premiere yoga therapy school.  PYI offers a radical collaboration between wellness professionals devoted to yoga, bridging the gaps between yoga and healthcare and academia and yoga.  PYI prepares wellness professionals to provide yoga and mindfulness to diverse populations - regardless of any injuries or limitations present.  (

She continues to teach internationally, contributes to countless teacher trainings, and has presented at the Telluride Yoga Festival, Wanderlust in the City, and several times at the Yoga Journal Conference. She has been honored to consult on research projects and wellness programs for clinics, doctor's offices, condominiums, and corporations. Dana is a member of IAYT and currently practices in New York City. (


Jon completed his 6 month Atmavikas Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Course with Yogacharya V. Venkatesha of Mysore, India.  This was an exceptional opportunity to learn the old traditions the way yoga was originally taught -one on one and in residence.   Before focusing on therapeutics, Jon came to yoga from a different kind of mat. After wrestling competitively for 10 years, he turned to yoga for therapy and relief. A dedicated Bikram practice followed and he soon completed his first teacher training with Bikram Choudhury in 2002. Jon was chosen to be one of the original Pure Yoga instructors, and  spent 5 years teaching in Hong Kong.  He has continued to dedicate time to his yoga education, studying with teachers such as Dharma Mittra, Anthony Carlisi, Baron Baptiste, Doug Keller, Kristyan Stjerne, Patrick Creelman, and Tim Miller.  He currently teaches Yoga Therapy, Back Care, Basics, Slow Flow, Vinyasa and more in New York, New York.





Amanbir is a yoga teacher and licensed acupuncturist based in New York City. Known for his sense of humor, music, and extensive knowledge of the healing field, he offers a direct and fun approach to the healing dynamics of yoga. He has been teaching for 13 years and holds Level 2 status at the Kundalini Research Institute. Additionally, he has completed 300 hours of yoga therapy training with I-SKY, an IAYT Member School, and guest teaches in its modules.

Amanbir currently shares his in-depth understanding of energetic and physical anatomy in trainings worldwide. He serves as one of the lead teachers and directors of Golden Bridge Yoga trainings around the world. He teaches at many major yoga festivals including Sat Nam Fest, Wanderlust, Yoga Journal conference, and Kripalu.

He has produced three music albums: “Akal Groove” and "African Soul and Jaap," that capture his modern embrace of the ancient sound current of mantras. He holds a Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the Cooper Union.


Stephanie is a yoga teacher in New York. She has been a certified yoga instructor since 2009. She received her initial training at YogaWorks at the 200 hour level and continued on to the Professional 300 program in 2010. The YogaWorks methodology infuses the movement of the Ashtanga lineage with the precision of the Iyengar System. Stephanie has also been certified in Restorative and therapeutic yoga through the guidance of Jillian Pransky and Mary Aranas C-IAYT, and is a graduate of Prema Yoga Institute's Therapeutics Essentials. She continues to take classes and workshops to expand her knowledge and understanding of Yoga. She has been teaching therapeutic yoga privately since 2011 and has offered several workshops in New York City.

Stephanie currently teaches classes and privately at Pure Yoga, Yoga Works in New York City. She is a senior member of the faculty at Pure Yoga and a member of the teacher training department at Yoga Works. She teaches with intelligence in sequencing that is steeped in alignment and therapeutic principles. Her generosity and fun approach to teaching is unique and all her own. She approaches each student as an individual and creates space for students to explore and experience themselves in their bodies, their breath and ultimately, their spirits.  Stephanie has been a guest teacher with PYI for 4 years.


Erica is a natural-born teacher, who began instructing at age 17 and studies pedagogy through education, learning, and leadership. She cares most about her students' freedom--financial, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical--and to compliment each concern has founded a number of programs to support this mission. The Adore Your Body system supports feeling free in the body; The Yoga Clinic educates students, teachers, and health professionals about empowered self-care; and, the Five Pillars 90-Day Accountability Program helps yoga teachers learn the fundamentals of business.

Erica is a Forrest Yoga Guardian, hand-picked by Ana Forrest to become one of a handful of senior teachers in the Forrest Yoga tribe. She found Forrest Yoga at the very beginning of her yoga studies and began practicing to treat her adult-onset migraine headaches. Her area of interest is how Forrest Yoga promotes healing of the body and spirit along a spectrum—from the very sick to the “well.” She has a flourishing private practice in New York City working therapeutically in a number of capacities helping the injured, ill, and aging gain confidence and trust in their bodies. Erica is currently working on her first book (New Harbinger, 2019) collating her knowledge about improving the relationship with the body as a spiritual pursuit. 


Dr. Fishman is Medical Director of Manhattan Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in New York City, author of seven books and author or editor of more than 70 academic articles, and a world-recognized pioneer in the treatment of piriformis syndrome and rotator cuff tear and an expert in curing back pain. He is Associate Editor of Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation, on the staff at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons and a past president of the New York Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Dr. Fishman has written five books about yoga and medical conditions. They are: Relief Is In the Stretch: Cure Back Pain With Yoga ( with Carol Ardman, WW Norton, 2006), Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis (with Eric Small, Demos Press, 2007), Yoga for Osteoarthritis (with Ellen Saltonstall, WW Norton, 2008), Yoga for Osteoporosis (with Ellen Saltonstall, coming in March, 2010), and Healing Yoga (2015).

After graduating from Christ Church, Oxford, Dr. Fishman spent a year in Pune, Inda, studying Yoga with BKS Iyengar, attending every public and private class and taking daily instruction. At that time, Mr. Iyengar gave Dr. Fishman permission to teach his Yoga. Dr. Fishman then went to Rush Medical School, did a residency in a Tufts-Harvard program, and served as Chief Resident in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Throughout his career, when appropriate, he has incorporated Yoga into his medical practice and has watched its healing effects. He is also an enthusiastic practitioner himself and has been doing Yoga daily since 1973.

Dr. Fishman has been included in numerous “Best Doctors” lists and has lectured in the United States and abroad. He is an officer of the Manhattan Institute for Cancer Research, and lives with his wife in New York City.

"To his patients, Dr. Fishman is a miracle worker." – Jane Brody, NY Times
Loren Fishman is "... a Thomas Edison of yoga therapy." – William Broad, The Science of Yoga



Sally Dickerson, Ph.D., is a psychology professor and yoga teacher. Her research focuses on the how the body responds to stressful circumstances; she has published over 40 papers on how social stressors elicit changes in stress hormones and the immune system. Sally merges her scientific expertise with her yoga training to help students better understand the pathways through which stress can lead to negative psychological and physical health effects, and how to reduce these risks through the application of research-driven stress reduction techniques such as yoga and meditation.


Sally received her BA in Psychology from Southern Methodist University and her PhD in Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles. She completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training through Yoga Vida, and her 300-hour certification with Prema Yoga Institute/Pure Yoga. She is currently a psychology professor at Pace University and a yoga therapy student at Prema Yoga Institute.


Brittany Simone Anderson is a New York based sound practitioner, ceremonialist, and movement guide. Brittany believes that well-being is our birth right, and as such, it is our responsibility to take an active role in our own wellness. Brittany combines a variety of practices that include sound, breathwork, coaching, yoga, and mindful eating. Brittany works one on one or in groups to empower people to take their health in their own hands. Together we can reconnect the mind/body/soul. 

Brittany Simone leads sound meditations and breath experiences in Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs. She has been studying sound at her home studio, Woom Center since its opening in 2016, with her teachers Elian and David Shemesh. She has also studied with Alexander Tannous, Mitch Nur, Daniel Ryan and Jarrod Byrne. Brittany has been working with the breath since 2014 and uses both the breath and sound to elevate the cacao ceremony experience. Brittany facilitates cacao ceremonies in group and private settings and has been working with the plant since 2015. Find her in Manhattan in or traveling the world learning and spreading joy.

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Please be advised that the content of this course is not to be used as a substitution for the opinions and services of your licensed healthcare professional.  The use of yoga as an adjunct to wellness is intended to be an integrative supportive activity that fosters the innate healing potential of everyone, but is not a substitute for licensed medical care and is subject to the applicable governing laws of your State/Provence. 

All forms of exercise including yoga are activities in which you the participant assume the risk of injury or harm as a result of your participation.  As such, please ensure that you have obtained your doctor’s approval prior to engaging in this or any physical activity. You agree by virtue of participation in this training to hold harmless any and all of its speakers, participants, or hosts from any and all liability from harm should you incur any injuries, whether mental or physical, as a result of your participation in this course.

Any references to therapeutic yoga are not derived from our Registered Yoga School “RYS” status with Yoga Alliance. Our registration with Yoga Alliance does not provide a qualification in yoga therapy techniques. 



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